Workspot + Azure makes VDI for education insanely simple!


Education institutions have no room for complexity in their data centers because it's expensive to support. That's why modernizing your data center with Microsoft Azure should be high on your priority list.

Simplifying IT while serving student and staff needs is where Workspot comes in. Our cloud-native VDI on Azure delivers insanely simple, next-generation DaaS.  And that's exactly what you need so you can get back to focusing on student success.

Register now for our briefing: Extending Your Data Center to Azure. Workspot's next-generation VDI and DaaS for education solutions are tightly integrated with Azure; now everything has changed about how VDI is deployed and managed:

  • Workspot has the only cloud-native, multi-tenant VDI & DaaS solution
  • Deploy thousands of virtual desktops in a day with zero Cap Ex
  • Unique burst features manage seasonal/variable demand and reduce costs
  • Simplify with a consolidated bill for desktops, storage, compute and networking
Complete the form to request your briefing. We look forward to helping you leave cost and complexity behind!