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VDI 2.0 is Insanely Simple

Workspot VDI 2.0 uses your existing infrastructure to deliver VDI that’s 10x simpler. Whether you’re on a traditional 3-tier system, hyperconverged infrastructure or a cloud platform, VDI 2.0 can seamlessly and securely deliver virtual apps, desktops and GPU-accelerated workstations to any device for 95% less CapEx and 50% less OpEx.

You've never seen anything like it!

During the demo, you’ll get a glimpse of VDI 2.0 in-action:

  • Fast time-to-value: Spin-up virtual desktops in hours and get to work!
  • End user interface: See how users login to their unified workspace to access applications, data, and desktops from any device.
  • IT management tools: Creating and managing user workspaces is easy; get a tour of the big data tools for monitoring security and performance.

It only takes 15 minutes to see how you could have VDI deployed in less than a day. Sign up now!