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VDI is arguably the most effective technology for making networks both secure and compliant. As of 2015, upwards of 26% of companies have already adopted it. If you’ve been contemplating VDI for your organization, don’t let concerns about high TCO hold you back. Download our free white paper and learn how to realistically calculate the TCOs of several VDI solutions on the market and decide which is best for your organization.

In this whitepaper, you will read about:

  • The top challenges CIOs face when calculating VDI TCO
  • How much Citrix and VMware costs on average*
  • New approaches to lowering VDI TCO

 …instead of just delivering remote apps, Workspot is also intelligently delivering client-appropriate data, local apps, local browsers, SSO, VPNs, files, 2FA… [and it’s] doing this for 15 bucks a month per user. (So, what, like 1/2 or 1/3 the cost of [Citrix Workspace Cloud]?)

Brian Madden, fiercely-independent desktop virtualization expert 

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*For 1,000 users 

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