Deploy thousands of desktops in a day!

DaaS 2.0 Solution Brief Award-winning, insanely simple Workspot VDI 2.0 is now available as an integrated service on Microsoft AzureĀ®. Introducing Workspot DaaS 2.0! With all-cloud VDI, you can deploy thousands of virtual desktops in a day on any Azure cloud in the world.

Leave behind the serious limitations of VDI 1.0 and DaaS 1.0. Everything about how VDI is deployed and managed has changed:

  • Workspot DaaS 2.0 is the only cloud-native, multi-tenant VDI solution
  • Integration with Azure allows you to deploy thousands of virtual desktops with zero CapEx
  • Cloud-native, proven Workspot control plane architecture radically simplifies VDI
  • Finally realize the simplicity, flexibility and cost reduction benefits of VDI
  • Watch our 5 minute video and read the solution brief, Workspot DaaS 2.0, Insanely Simple Desktop as a Service on Azure, to learn more.